(R.W.M. - 1931 - 1932)

Of science and logic he chatters
As fine and as fast as he can ;
Though I am no judge of such matters,
I’m sure he’s a talented man.
(“ The Talented Man” ––  W.M. Praed)

Bro. RONALD was installed on 25th November, 1931, by Bro. Robert Fyfe, P.M., Lodge St. Vincent, No.      553, and Bro. James Fraser, P.M., Riddrie, No. 1340.
He was the first Master of Lodge Riddrie who was not one of the original office-bearers.
He first took office in 1926, being installed Director of Ceremonies, thereafter he filled the office of Senior Deacon, Junior Warden, Senior Warden, and Substitute Master.

Bro. Ronald, like the wise men of old, went to the East. He was born in Partick and is by profession an analytical chemist. His Mother Lodge is St. Andrew, No. 465, wherein he was an ordinary member, never having held any office. He served with the Highland Light Infantry from August, 1914 to 1919.
On the night of his installation, in his address to the brethren thanking them for the honour they had done him, Bro. Ronald said he was going to take for his text the words “Team Work.” In effect he stated “ You have elected me Captain, but I cannot direct good work for the Lodge unless I have a crew of willing workers.” Needless to say, Bro. Ronald had a splendid team and the work produced apace under his guidance.
The hall having been measured, and all the accounts submitted paid, it was found that the cost of hall and equipped amounted to the sum of £2,181 16s. 8d. As the first sum fixed by the Lodge was £2,200, it will be seen that members of the Halls and Finance Committee had kept quite near to the target figure, although at one time  it was thought they would have to spend a hundred or two more than the original amount. The cost of the ground is not included in this figure, as the intention was to continue paying feu-duty until all debt had been cleared.
The basement of the hall started to give trouble due to flooding. Whenever there was a big rainfall the main drains could not carry the water away quickly enough and it came into the basement. The architect suggested that a ball trap be built into the main waste pipe, but the work was never carried out, as it was felt the Corporation would in due course lay bigger drains which would be necessary when they started further building operations.
More storage room than the hall possessed was needed, so a second-hand garage was bought and erected behind the hall to hold forms and tables. This, however, was a failure, as the walls were composed of asbestos sheets and the urchins of the neighbourhood soon found they had only to administer a sharp kick to a panel to splinter it in pieces and so gain easy access to a shelter.

During the summer Bro. E. Robertson made a desk for the dias, a new desk, with platform, for each of the Wardens, and a desk for the Secretary. The Bros. Steele, who had presented the original Wardens’ desks , defrayed the cost of the furniture, which was very much admired and for which the donors were duly thanked.
The Provincial Grand Master, Bro. John Marr Grant, headed the Annual Visitation from P.G. Lodge, and congratulated Bro. R. Murray MacGregor for the work done during the very exceptional proceeding year.
Deputations were received into the Lodge from Mother Kilwinning, when a Mark Ceremony was undertaken by Bro. John Patterson, Depute Master, and brethren of the Mother Lodge, and from Lodge Scoon and Perth, No. 3, headed by the Master, Bro. Dr. Moffat, when we had the pleasure of witnessing a very fine Third Degree.
Bro. W. Murray, of lodge Scoon and Perth, presented us with two pictures for the decoration of our adjacent. King Edward in Masonic Regalia ; and the Inauguration of Robert Burns as Poet Laureate, of the Lodge Canon-gate Kilwinning, Edinburgh, 1st March, 1787, with Key.

During the year we lost three founder members through death : Bros. D. Kelso, J. M. Thomson, and H. J. Tracksler .
Bros. Gavin Lennox and James M. Stewart, who had been architect and measurer respectively of the Temple, were admitted to Honorary Membership of the Lodge, and presented with Honorary Members Jewels. Bro. George Thaw, our honorary master of works, was thanked for all the work he had undertaken and was presented with a jewel to mark the occassi9on. It was difficult to get Bro. Thaw to speak in open Lodge, but in a few words he assured the brethren that all he had  done had been labour of love.

It was arranged that Glasgow Corporation acquire servitude rights over the ground in front of the hall to form a pavement thereon. The Corporation paid all the necessary legal expenses and we presented them with the ground. The railing erected at the inner extremity of the pavement was handed over to us, but the upkeep of the pavement is for all time a matter for the corporation.

Eighteen meetings were held, at which we had 12 intrants and 1 affiliate.
On the social side of the Lodge we had in the hall a concert by “Bohemians” which realised £9 9s. 9d. ; also a theatre supper. A series of whist drives was started, held each Tuesday evening, and a dance was held on the last Friday of each month.