( R.W.M. 1946 - 1947 ; Secretary 1925 - 27 )

Bro. Bond was born in London in January, 1890. At the age of twenty one he came to Glasgow to follow his profession as a Tea Merchant.
    During the 1914-18 War he served in the R.A.F., taking up where he left off on demobilisation.
 The following War, with its food restrictions and rationing, saw the end of Bro.s Bond'd Tea business - but you cant keep a good man down - so he is now a flourishing insurance official.

     His first meeting as Master saw the celebration of our return to the Temple. The reopening ceromony was carried out by our Senior Chaplain, Bro. Robert Morris, who gave thanks to God for all who had been spared through six years of war.
  Bro. Bond was installed Master on 27th November, 1946, his installing Masters being, Bros. D.M. Kerr and L.H.Campbell, both Past Masters of Lodge Riddrie.
  Bro. D. Scott, having been transfered to outside Police duties which made it impossible for him to be regular in his attendance, his place as Treasurer was filled by one of his confreres, Bro. David Lennie.

     Bro. High Brown presented the Lodge with a "Roll Of Honour", which was unveiled by Bro. Robert Morris, Senior Chaplain, and Bro. Findlater presented a copy of the "Annals of Lodge Journeymen Masons, No. 8." Both these brethren were duly thanked for their gifts.
   Bro. D. Herron Watson, who had been appointed Governor of Perth Prison, and of necessity had to relinquish his office in his Mother Lodge, was on 26th November, 1946, installed in the CHair of Lodge Auchterdarran, No. 1123, and paid us a visit at our Installation Meeting, when he was congratulated on his preferment.

     At the first Enquiry Committee Meeting of the year one of the candidates, J.B. Robertson, was asked a usual question : "Why do you wish to join Lodge Riddrie?" and all were suprised by his answer: When i was a schoolboy I used to be visited by Lodge Riddrie's children's parties, and i made up my mind that when i came to mans's estate I would leave no stone unturned in my attempt to join in the work of thoes men whom I admired so much and who had given my brothers and sisiters and me such good times." Bro. Robertson is now in the British Navy, so he does not manage to many functions, but no doubt some day he will take that place in the Lodge to which he aspires.

     The Lodge substained a great loss through the death of Past Master Bro. William Steele. Bro. D.M. Kerr, who gave the oration, said :

             R.W.M.,-- It is with difference that i rise to this duty and only wish that
             it had fallen to one more eloquent than I. To-day, in company with many
             P.M.'s,office-bearers and brethren, I attended at the last rites of our
             beloved P.M. Wm. Steele. Bro. Steele was initiated into this Lodge on
             the 9th December,1921. He died on the 9th December, 1946, so that he
             was a member fortwenty-one years exactly to a day. Bill was installed
             as a Steward in 1934,again in 1935; as Junior Deacon in 1936, and in
             that year he moved up to Junior Warden; Senior Warden in 1937;
             Substitute Master, 1938; And Right Worshipful Master, 1939. He
             served a further year in 1942 as Substitute Master. That, brethren,
             is Bro. Steele's record as an office-bearer, but it does not record the
             many other positions and duties that he performed. He will ever be
             remembered for his jovial and happy nature, and most certainly he
             was in the true sense of the words one of nature's gentlemen. He
             brightened every gathering, company or meeting in which he took
             part by his never failing smile. In many ways it has been my privalage
             to know him, I have never heard him utter an angry word. Of him
             it can surely be said that he lived respected and died regretted. He
             was the most lovable, generous and charitable brother, and not only
             this Lodgeand the Craft, but the world in general, is the poorer by
             his departure.

             The Grand Architect of the Universe having gathered him to the fold,
             we know that he will have received the Mark Master's Mark of
             approval and be now seated on His right hand.

     Through death we also lost Bro. C. Lawrie and F.W.Grierson, Bro Grierson had some time ago left the district, but when residing here had been an enthusiastic member. In company with Bro. John Marshall he set out one year to visit every Lodge in the Province of Glasgow to convey greetings from Lodge Riddrie. At fifty-seven of the meetings they submitted to a test and on every occasion passed with flying colours. Bro. Grierson was an Elder of Glasgow Cathedral and President of the Local British Legion.

     Bro. Ned Robertson was entertained by the brethren and presented with a wallet of notes to thank him for all the work he had done for the comfort of the brthren and the beautifying of the Temple. A vey enjoyable night was spent, the entertainment being provided by Bro. G.G. Pirie, with Bro. Donald Christain acting as compere.
The Social Committee started off the season with a dance. which realised the magnificent sum of £23 4s 9d.
On Thursday, 13th March, a dinner was held in the Grosvenor Restaurant to celebrate the Twenty-first Anniversary of the Lodge and to "Welcome Home" our Servicemen.

     The weather was on its worst behaviour, with snow storms all over the country. Bro. Dr. Archd. Russell-- the first Secretary of the Lodge-- left Preston, where he is now in practice, in good time to attend the dinner, but while we were celebrating he was still on the train, snowbound near the Borders. The Master was in the chair, and after as good a dinner as can be obtained in these times of austerity proposed the Royal toast, which was responed to with gusto. Bro. Bond also proposed the toast to the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

     The toast of the P.G.L. of Glasgow was proposed by Bro. A. McDonald, R.W.M., Lodge St. Kentigern, No.976, the reply being Bro. R. Marshall, P.M., Lodge Riddrie.
Our guest of the evening, Bro. J. MArr Grant, P.P.G.M., proposed the toast to Lodge Riddrie, of which he is an Honorary Member, the Master making reply.
Bro. C. McFadyen, I.P.m., proposed the toast, "Founder Menbers of Lodge Riddrie," the reply being by Bro. A.W. Ronald, who substituted at short notice for Bro. MacGregor who, unfortunately, had to leave Glasgow on business.
The next toast, given with great humour by BRo. A.M. Welsh, was to our returned Servicemen; Bro. Major George S. Dick, M.M., who had served in both the Great Wars, suitably replying.
 "Our Guests" was proposed by Bro. D.M. Kerr, the reply being Bro. J. Roberts, R.W.M., Lodge Scotia, No.178.
We were entertained during the evening by:

   &nbspJOHN HYNDS - - - - Tenor
   &nbspGEORGE PIRIE - - - Entertainer
   &nbspEDWIN RAMSEY - - Baritone
   &nbspDAVALLAN - - - - - -Conjurer
   &nbspBERT WILLIAMS - - Entertainer
   &nbspJ ROBERTSON - - - Accompanist

     The toast "The Artistes," was given by Bro.Hugh Davis Senior Warden, and replied to by Bert Williams, who on the toast list was given his other name, Bro.D.S. Christian.
 Bro.George Pirie, who was in charge of the arrangments, made, as usual, a very thorough job, and gave us as a reminder of the occasion a souvenir programme with a blank page for autographs, which was well utilised.
A list of the original office-bearers on one page, and on the other page opposite the name of the present holder of the office. Only one name appeared on both pages, that of Bro. John H.Wardle.

     The memorable evening was brought to a close by the entire company singing our own Scottish "Auld Lang Syne," which is sung in every country in the world, but murdered in England