(R.W.M. - 1932 - 1933)

In books, or work, or healthful play,
Let my first years be past
That I may give for every day
Some good account at last.
(“ Against Idleness ” -- Isaac Walls)

Bro. DAVID MURRAY KERR was installed as Master on 23rd November, 1932, by Bros. James Purves, P.M., 1340, P.G.J.D., and James Fraser, P.M., 1340.
He was installed in his first office as Bible Bearer in 1926. Thereafter he was Secretary for two years, afterwards filling the Wardens Chairs and sitting in the East for a year as Substitute Master.
Bro. Kerr was born in Glasgow in 1892. He is an accountant and stockbroker ; his accountancy experience was a valuable asset in the first year of the Lodge, when in company with Bros. Duncan Galbraith and George H. Fletcher, he was an auditor.

His Mother Lodge is No. 683, St. John, Whiteinch. Bro. Kerr who attained the rank of Sergeant-Major in the R.A.M.C. in the 1914-18 war, is the possessor of the General Service Medal, Victory Medal, Imperial Service Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, and Territorial Decoration. He was a member of the British Army running team in France in 1917. His other sport is golf, being a member of Crow Wood Golf Club.

Eighteen meetings were held during the year, at which 9 intrants were received into the Lodge.

Provincial Grand Lodge Visitation took place on 8th February, 1933, under the leadership of Bro. J. Murray, P.G.M. Depute. Bro. Murray congratulated the brethren on continued high standing of the Lodge. He was installed as an Honorary Member of the Lodge by Bro. Kerr.

Bro. James Fraser was congratulated on his appointment as a Justice of the Peace and as Chairman of the Ninth District Council of Lanarkshire.

A deputation from Lodge Scotia, No. 128 was received into the Lodge, when Bro. Thomas Mason, P.M.,128, worked a Third Degree.

We paid a visit to Lodge Stepps, No. 1213.

Bro. S. B. Little, who was initiated on 10th December, 1930, was in December, 1933, installed as Master of Lodge Athole, No. 413. He was the first initiate of Lodge Riddrie to attain this eminent office ; unfortunately his installation took lace on the same evening as a Lodge Riddrie function, therefore his Mother Lodge was not present on the Board.

Three founder members passed away during the year : Bros. John H. Small. Robert McFarlane, and David Dick.

During the summer the hall was painted, and the Master’s and Warden’s Chairs polished to match the rest of the furniture. Bro. John Scott presented hide furnishings for these chairs.

A party was given to the children of members in the last week of 1932, when over one hundred children participated in a feast of good things. This became a regular yearly event, eagerly forward to by both the children and the adults who helped to entertain them.

The weekly whist drives, under the guidance of Bro. G. K. Stewart, and the monthly dances, with Bro. Tom Struthers as M.C., continued during the year ; the profit therefrom amounting to £80 16s. Od.

A cup, to be competed for annually at the Spring Golf Meeting, was presented by Bro. George S. Dick ; and a Cup for the Lodge Golf Championship was presented by Bro. W. R. Stark.
The former was competed for at Troon and the first name to be engraved was Bro. George M. Foote. The Lodge Championship Cup was won by Bro. A.B, Findlay

One of Bro. Kerr’s own candidates, Bro. Arthur T. Bond, was elected President of Blackhill Bowling Club ; so with a President and a Past President in the Lodge bowling team, we had great expectations of capturing a cup or two.