(R.W.M. - 1937 - 1938)

Who holds the thread holds the tale.
(French Proverb)

Bro GEORGE KNSEY STEWART was born in Glasgow on 11th February, 1889. He is representative of the Central Agency.
When the Riddrie Ratepayers’ Association was formed to look after interest of the residents in our community, Bro. Stewart was elected to the committee, on which he did much useful work.

So far the Masters of Lodge Riddrie had been golf addicts, but Bro. Stewart changes this, he being a keen bowler. He has been President of Blackhill Bowling Club and has won both the President’s and Vice-President’s prizes.

Bro. Stewart was installed as Master on 24th November, 1937. His Installing Masters were Bros. James Purves, P.P.G.S.W., and D. M. Kerr, both Past Masters of Lodge Riddrie. Bro. Stewarts’s first office was Marshall in 1930. He has also occupied the offices of Bible Bearer, Inner Guard, Junior Deacon, Senior Deacon, Senior Warden, and Substitute Master.

It was found that in exceptionally cold weather the steam heating did not raise the temperature of the hall enough for comfort, so two gas radiators were installed on the north side. In more moderate weather the steam heating could be left off altogether and the gas radiators used solely.

It had been realised that the adjacent accommodation, while sufficient on most occasions, was not commodious enough when any special function was taking place. With this in view, Bro. Jack Steele was co-opted to the Halls Committee so that the members could benefit by his advice and skill. He prepared a plan showing the extent of the additional ground we hoped to feu, in order that Bro. R. Murray <MacGregor, who was acting for the Lodge in this matter, would be properly prepared, .
That piece of land, the full width and twenty-two feet to the rear of the present feu, was taken from the Thaw Trustees on the same conditions as our present feu –– the price being 6/- per yard, or a ground annual of £3. Bros. A. B. Findlay and Jack Steele prepared plans for additional adjacent accommodation, and it was proposed to start building as soon as the Halifax Loan was cleared off. In order that this might be timorously carried into effect, Bro. George S. Dick moved “That the Halls Committee be authorised to proceed with such extensions or additions to the existing halls as the Lodge may deem necessary.” The motion was carried unanimously.

Our new pianoforte was being disfigured by pianists leaving lit cigarettes on the case and on the keys, so Bro. L. H. Campbell presented the Lodge with two ash trays that fit to the case under the keyboard, and which can be swung out of the way when not in use. Bro. Campbell completed his gift by installing the trays.

Our bi-centenary steward Bro. Robert Gemmell, was appointed a liaison officer by P.G. Lodge. Bro. George S. Dick was requested to present the Lodge at bi-centenary meetings instead of Bro. Gemmell.
Bros. W. Steele and E. Robertson presented the Lodge with an oak desk for the use of the Treasurers. This desk is uniform with the Secretary’s desk and adds to the amenity of the Temple. Bros. Steele and Robertson were warmly thanked for their continued kindness.
To add to the effectiveness of the past Masters’ Boards in the East, the Past Masters installed lights over them, which can be controlled individually from the dais.

A committee, comprised of Bros. G. K. Stewart, R. Marshall, R. Hardie and W. R. Stark, were appointed to go into matter of the Lodge prasie and report. The committee suggested that illuminated linen scrolls, with plain printing which could be seen by all in the Lodge, be installed in the East. Part of six Psalms, one Paraphrase, and eight Hymns were proposed as suitable Odes, with tunes ; also an Anthem, “ O, Thou Our Brethren,” the words and music by Bro. R. Hardie. The full finding of the committee is set out on pages 385 and 386 of No. 2 Minute Book, and nothing so far has been done in the matter, some future committee may car to refer to the work already undertaken.

After the Regular Meeting on 23rd February, 1938, a short harmony took place, at which Lodge Riddrie Choir, under the conductorship of Bro. Robert Hardie, made a very harmonious first appearance.
On our open social nights, billiards was added to the amusements ; Bro. Sam Allison having presented us with a billiards table. Bro. T. Munro ran a tournament at billiards, and Bro. W. Pritchard ran a table tennis tournament –– but who the successful competitors were we cannot remember.

P.G. Lodge Visitation took place on 9th February, 1938, the ruling representative fro P.G. Lodge being Bro. Stevenson Cochran, S.G.M., S.P.G.M., P.M., 3bis, M.M. 1340. The Lodge had previously been asked to do their usual Degree work so that the P.G.L. deputation could form an opinion on how this work was being carried out. The Degree was a Fellowcraft, worked by Bro. George S. Dick, assisted by Bro. Dan Macpherson, the obligation being given by Bro. W. Steele. Bro. Stevenson Cochran congratulated the team and stated he had not witnessed any better work during his visitation. Points from Bro. Stevenson Cochran’s speech to the brethren : Attendance –– only thirty per cent. Of members attend meetings –– aim to double this number ; P.G.L. bi-centenary fund –– he asked every brother to do his share in assisting Bro. Swan’s scheme to see the light ; Lodge Books –– very well kept ; Lodge Funds –– in a healthy condition ; he is gratified we are repaying the debt the halls owe to the General Fund.
At the conclusion of the visitation, Bro. James Purves received from brethren a present a P.P.G. Senior Warden’s Jewel in appreciation of the honour he had brought to the Lodge by so capably filling the Prov. Grand Senior Warden’s Chair in P.G. Lodge.

During the summer recess we had the halls redecorated throughout. We were able to call on Bro. W. N. Samuels for professional advice and his colour scheme was carried out and declared first class.

The Master headed deputations to the following Lodges : Burnside, No. 1361, where Bros. D. M. Kerr and L. H. Campbell were Installing Masters ; Rutherglen; St. John, No. 347, where Bro. James Purves carried through a Third Degree ; The Gael, No. 609 and Neptune Kilwinning, Saltcoats, No. 442, where Bro. Robert Dickie, a founder member of Lodge Riddrie, was installed as Master for the second time ; we paid a later visit to No. 442, when Bro D. M. Kerr carried through the ceremony of the mark. The opportunity was taken, with the permission of No. 442, to Mark two of our own members, Bro. T. D. Frank Patterson and A. L. Wilson.
We received deputations from Lodges ; Neptune Kilwinning, Saltcoats, No. 442, under Bro. Robert Dickie, and Burnside, No. 1361, under the Master, Bro. James Macdonald.

At a meeting of Past Masters, held in the Grosvenor Restaurant on 19th December, 1938, the “Riddrie Past Masters Association” was formed. Bro. James Purves was appointed permanent Secretary, and it was agreed that the Association should meet at least once a year to dine and to welcome the new Master and congratulate him on his preferment. Each Master after installation becomes a member of the Association.

Bro. David B. Galloway, who had been Benevolent Fund Treasurer for eleven years, resigned office because of his leaving the district. He was thanked for the very valuable service he had given to the Lodge.
Sixteen meetings were held during the year, at which 14 new members were admitted.

The following message was received from the P.G. Master. :-

You must now be aware that we are getting near to the date for our bi-centenary celebration, and I have been somewhat disappointed at the response of the brethren in the Province to the fund for the erection of a Temple as a memorial of our bi-centenary year. It is a great scheme, and a great idea to work for, to leave something to posterity which would be a center of Masonic activity and influence in the great community in which we live and work. May I ask the brethren for their cordial support and generous contribution.

In partnership with the “Bohemians” Concert Party we ran a concert for two night at the Lyric Theatre, from which our funds duly benefited.

On completion of his term as Master, Bro. Stewart presented the Lodge with two chairs for use on the dias.
The usual series of whist drives and dances was carried out, Bro. David Doig being in charge of the whist drives and Bro. A. M. Wright M.C. at the dances.

The Lodge Championship Cup was won by Bro. W. Steele and the Dick Cup by Bro. David P. Fyfe.