(R.W.M. - 1948 -1949)

Bro. HUGH DAVIS was installed as Master on Wednesday, 24th November, 1948, by his Installing Master’s Bros. D. M. Kerr and L. H. Campbell, both Past Masters of Lodge Riddrie, with 237 brethren in attendance.
Bro. Hugh was imitated on 8th April, 1942.

His year in office saw thirty initiates, one affiliate, and thirty-five received their Mark. There were 17 Regular Meetings and 4 Emergency Meetings with an average attendance of ninety-seven.

Seven Past Master’s  Jewels (Gold with White Sapphire) were purchased at a cost of £27.00 each, after the gold drought over the war years.

The Hallkeeper was paid £52 p.a. (Partime.)

Installation harmony tickets were priced at 2/6

A decision was made to keep all Masonic Functions “DRY”.

Fencing was to be erected at the rear of the Hall

Lodge History Books were printed, and at a cost of £174 - 5 - 1.

The Annual Dinner was held at the Grand Hotel on 24th March

Lodge Riddrie, conferred Degrees at the following Lodges ; Abercrombie, No. 1430 (M.M.) ; Springburn, No. 1198, (M.M.) ; Tay Union, No. 273 (M.M.) ;Scotia, No. 178, (F.C.) ; Bishopbriggs, No. 1259, (M.M.), also extended invitations to Lodges Abercrombie, No. 1430 , and Bishopbriggs, No. 1259 to perform the M.M. and E.A. Degrees respectively.