(R.W.M. - 1947 - 1948)

Bro. JAMES LAPPIN was installed as Master by Bro. G. K. Stewart and Bro. T. Munro, on Wednesday 26th November, 1947, with an attendance of 246 brethren.
Bro. Lappin was initiated into Lodge Riddrie on 10th December, 1941 and was a butcher to trade

The premises were well utilised with Lodge Committee Meetings, Functions as well as outside lets. Committees at this time were ; Halls, Finance, Benevolent, Musical, Social, General, Instruction, and Enquiry.

Accounts showed a payment of £80 -9-0 for six Past Masters, Aprons and cases.

Ninety guineas plus members contributions was given to the Grand Lodge Bi-centenary Fund (£146 -5-0 in total) It was reported that 3250 was required to supplement the Halls Fund. Honoraria to executive officers amounted to £36 - 15 - 0.

There were 17 Regular Meetings , and 5 Emergency Meetings during the year
Which saw were 28 initiates, 2 affiliates, and 33 brethren received the Mark ( including 2 brethren belonging to Sister Lodges.,) which saw an average attendance of 1871 brethren over the ear.

The R.W.M. headed a deputation to Lodge Avon Glassford, No. 1231 and conferred the Third Degree.