(R.W.M. - 2010 - 2011)

Bro. JOHN J. HENRY was installed into the Chair of the Lodge for the fourth time on 20th November, 2010, his Installing Masters being Bros. William J. Upton and Donald R. Dingwall, both Past Masters of Lodge Riddrie.

The P.G. Lodge Visitation took place on Monday, 28th March, 2011, and was headed by the Right Worshipful Substitute Provincial Grand Master, Bro. John C. McLean. Bro McLean congratulated the I.P.M. and office-bearers for the continued hard work that had been done in the previous year, and Bros., Secretary, Treasurer, and Almoner were thanked in the usual manner. R.W.M. Bro. John J. Henry, along with R.W.S.P.G.M. Bro. John C. McLean invested Bro. Ray Gascoigne P.M., Secretary, with his Jewel, Honorary Grand Rank as Architect, after the honour was bestowed on him from The Grand Lodge of Scotland.

The Lodge had  15 meetings during the year, were 3 initiates ( Bros. Ben Carvell, William (Billy) Marshall, and John Crosby, were received into the Lodge and advanced to the Mark Ceremony.

Bro. William McLean P.M. of Lodge Broomhill No.1595, and Bro. William Spencer P.M. of Lodge Cambuslang Royal Arch No.114, were nominated to receive Honory Membership for their continued support to the Lodge, which they both greatly accepted.

The Lodge had a new website built with a lot of work and information placed upon. The Lodge Web Address being ….

The Lodge has also been making up a Lodge Ritual Book for all the members, so as they are all learning the same ritual, which will enhance the Lodge Degree work.

We lost through death Bro. Gordon Woodford, Bro. Woodford had moved from the local area, but kept in contact  with several of the Brethren.

The following Lodges were invited to confer the following Degrees , Lodges ; Shettleston St. John, No. 128 (E.A.) ; St. Modan (Taynuilt) No. 985 (F.C.) ; St. Marks at Glasgow, No.102 (M.M.) ; St. Andrew, No. 465 (M.M) ; Bishopbriggs, No. 1259 (M.M.) ; Broomhill No. 1595 (F.C.) ; Toryglen No. 1561 (M.M.) ; Regal No. 1422 (E.A. ; Bothwellbrig No. 1229 (M.M.M.)

We also went out to confer Degrees at the following Lodges ; St. Marks, No. 102 (F.C.) ; St. Mungo, No.27 (F.C.) ; Broomhill, No. 1595 (F.C.) Shettleston St. John, No 128 (F.C.) ; Toryglen, No. 1561 (E.A.) ; St. Modan No.985(F.C.) ; Anderson McMillan, No 1552 (F.C.)  ; Broomhill, No.1595 (E.A.)

R.W.M. Bro. John J. Henry, also represented the Lodge at the following Lodges St. Marks No. 102 (E.A. N.E. Corner) ; Milncroft No. 1515 (M.M. Con ) were he took part in Reigning Masters Degrees. And also attended Provincial Grand lodge of Glasgow Quarterly Communication , Masters Dinner, and a special meeting of P.G.L. of Glasgow, where for the first time ever  a Lodge (Union & Crown No.307, Barrhead) was admitted and conferred  a dramatised F.C. Degree. Attendance - 300+

Bro. George COLIN Houston P.M. was bestowed with  Honory  Membership at Lodge St. Modan (Taynuillt) No.985, which was an honour not just for himself, but for Lodge Riddrie too.

The Lodge purchased two new Deacons Aprons to add to the existing overhaul of the lodge Regalia, in the past few years.

Bro. William Upton was elected to the position of Chairman, and Bro, Donald Dingwall as Treasurer of the  Riddrie Masonic Association.

Bro. Henry went  on to be one of the Installing Masters to his predecessor, Bro. George COLIN Houston, P.M.