(R.W.M. - 1934 - 1935)

“ There’s a grand job for you –– Clydebuilt.”
( “The Seas Between ” – George Blake)

Bro. L. H. CAMPBELL was born on 22nd September, 1894. He was educated at Kent Road School. He served in the R.A.S.C. in France, 1914-1919.
Bro. Campbell was installed as Master by Bros. James Purves and James Fraser, J.P., both Past Master’s of Lodge Riddrie, on 28th November, 1934. He is the first initiate of Lodge Riddrie to be installed into the Chair of his Mother Lodge. Bro. Campbell was first installed into office as Marshall in 1927. Thereafter, he was Junior Deacon for two years, Senior Deacon, Junior Warden, Senior Warden, and Substitute Master.

Eighteen meetings were held during the year, at which 9 members were added to our roll –– 8 initiates and 1 affiliate.

At the first meeting, the Degree -- a First -- was worked by Bro. M. M. Charrteris, one of last year’s initiates, assisted by his father, Bro. R.W. Charteris, who filled the office of Chaplain at the founding of the Lodge.
Bro. A. B. Findlay suggested that at the close of our regular meetings it would be nice if those present could  partake of a cup of tea and a biscuit and have an informal chat. A trial of the idea was made and it was such a success that it is now a regular part of our proceedings.

The Provincial Grand Master, Bro. J. Marr Grant, personally conducted P.G.L. Visitation, which took place on 13th February. In his address Bro. Grant referred to lapsed members and suggested that an effort should be made to renew their interests ; to the efforts Masons were masking throughout the world in the cause of peace ; to the fact the H.R.H. The Prince of Wales had consented to be installed Grand Master Mason of Scotland on 30th November, 1936 ; and that in December, 1936, Grand Lodge was celebrating its bi-centenary. He thanked the Lodge for the contribution they had already  made to the fund for the entertainment of overseas visitors and appealed to the brethren for further donations. In conclusion, Bro. Grant stated that the P.G.L. Examiners had made a special report on the excellent state of the Lodge books and he congratulated the Secretary and Treasurer thereon.

Instead of degree work at one of the regular Meetings we had a lecture. The brethren spent a very pleasant evening listening to Bro. Harry Holroyd, Master of Lodge Blythswood, No. 178, lecturing on “Ancient Masonic Customs and Practices. ”

To ease the work in the kitchen, where washing-up after functions had become burdensome, we installed -- on the suggestion of Bro. George S. Dick --an “ Ascot ” gas hot water heater. This proved a boon to the hall-keeper, as it meant that hot water was to be had at all times on tap/

Three founder members -- Bros, Dr. David H. Fotheringham, Robert McMinn, and James McDougall - were lost to the Lodge through death.

The whist drives and dances were continued throughout the winter season, the Master being M.C. at the dances and Bro. David Doig, as usual, doing splendid work in charge of the whist drives.

The children’s party was a great success ––a hundred and thirty-two children of members being entertained.

On the sports side we were once again beaten at carpet bowls by the officers of Barlinnie.
The Lodge Golf Championship Cup was won by Bro. Rev. Robert Morris and the Dick Cup by Bro. E. J. Sim. At the presentation of these trophies it turned out that Bros. Morris and Sim were old golfing cronies having played as partners on the Bridge of Allan Golf Course. At  that time Bro. Morris was assistant minister and Bro. Sim session clerk at Logie Parish Church. Now they reside in the Riddrie district, and are still minister and session clerk, Bro. Morris being moderator of St. Enoch’s Hogganfield Parish Church, and Bro. Sim giving his services at Millerston Parish Church.