Bro. James Purves 1925 - 1927, 1943 - 1944 Bro. James Purves Master; 1925 - 27; (1943 - 44) &nbspBro. Purves was installed for the second time as Master in November, 1925, by Bro. W.L. Campbell, P.G. Senior Warden, and for the third time in November, 1926, by Bro. John Brownlie, P.M., Lodge Scotia, No. 178: the office bearers on these occasions being installed by Bro. D. Belford Stephen, P.G. Treasurer, and Bro. Thomas Mason, P.M., Lodge Scotia, No. 178. &nbspThe first Regular Meeting was held on Wednesday, 23rd September, 1925, when general business was transacted. The collection was �2, and was sent to the Glasgow Royal Infirmary. The roll of Founder Members was now complete and numbered 143 Brethren. James Purves was born on 6th August, 1878, at Jarrow-on-Tyne, and was an electrician to trade, serving his time with Swinburne & Son, Wallsend-on-Tyne. As a craftsman he was employed with the South Shields Electricity Department and in 1902 transferred his services to the Corporation of Glasgow Tramway Department. In 1912 he joined Lodge Thistle, No. 87, but never held any office in his Mother Lodge, so that the Office of Master of Riddrie was his first Masonic Office. Bro. Purves was an asset to the social side of the Lodge, having a pleasing baritone voice and a repertoire of rousing ballads; he was also interested in sport, being a member of Crow Wood Golf Club. During Bro. Purves' term in office 64 initiates and 1 affiliate were received in to the Lodge. Three prominent members of the craft, Bros. Matthew Robin and Matthew M. Findlay, Substitute P.G. Master and Bro. Thomas Trodden, Depute Master, Lodge Mother Kilwinning, No. 0, received honorary membership, and each were presented with an honorary member's jewel. &nbspGold Founder Member's jewels were presented to Bros. James Purves, Archd Russell, Jun, and John Young for the work they had done during the founding of the Lodge. Divine Service was held in Hogganfield Church on 16th May, 1926, the officiating clergyman being Bro. Rev. W.M Wightman, M.A., Hon. Chaplain of the Lodge. Divine Service thereafter (with the exception of one period when Bro. Wightman had accepted an appointment in Edinburgh and the Lodge was without a ministerial Chaplain) became an annual and was usually well attended by the brethren of the Lodge. Bro. Wightman was presented with an Apron and Case as a parting gift, being a thanksoffering for all the services he had rendered to the Lodge and also to the brethren during his term of office as Chaplain. The first Mark Ceremony was held on 7th April, 1926, when a very unusual incident took place. The young craftsman who carried the stone - Bro. James D. Fraser - had, under his father's direction, actually cut and engraved the stone which he carried and could truthfully say that it was his own work. Bro. D. Belford Stephen, P.G. Treasurer, who was acting as Mark Master, ordered Bro. J.D. Fraser to cut his "Mark" on the stone after the Mark had been duly recorded in the Mark Register of the Lodge. The Lodge Bye-Laws were passed by Provincial Grand Lodge on 15th March, 1926, and to these Bye-Laws were added seven recommendations, viz : / (1) That evening dress be worn by office-bearers at all Regular Meetings. (2) That no subscription sheets, concert tickets, or anything of like nature, be allowed in the Lodge Room, or adjacent, without the sanction of the Lodge (3) That no property be removed from the Lodge without the permission of the Master and a receipt given therefore to the senior Warden, and then only for a specified time and purpose. (4)That a social function be held each year to commemorate the founding of the Lodge. (5)That the Lodge treasurer shall submit to the General Committee quarterly statements showing the financial position of the Lodge. (6)That all orders for goods to be supplied to the Lodge shall be made through the Secretary, who shall keep an order book with counterfoils for reference. (7)That any motion for the suspension of any of the foregoing Standing Orders must be carried out by a two-thirds majority of the qualified brethren present when such suspension is moved. / Deputations with brethren who took part in the Degree work of the Lodge, were received from Lodges Mother Kilwinning, No. 0 ; Shettleston St. John, No. 128 ; Scotia, No. 178 ; St. Andrew, No. 465 ; St. Andrew, East Kilbride, No. 524 ; Tollcross, No. 1194 ; and Alexandria, No. 1282. Bro. Alexander McCracken, a founder member of Lodge Riddrie, had been installed as Master of Lodge Alexandra, and was able to lead the deputation from that Lodge. These deputations were the beginning of lasting friendships and at the same time were an instruction to the members of the new Lodge as to the various manners of undertaking Degree work. Brethren of Lodge Riddrie, led by the Master, under took the working of a Third Degree at Mother Kilwinning No. 0, and a deputation to Lodge Scoon of Perth, No. 3, spent a very instructive afternoon and evening. During this period a fund was started to enable the Lodge at some further date to build a temple. Various whist Drives, dances, theatre suppers and draw schemes were held to raise the money required. A production of "Are You A Mason?" was given in the Lyric Theatre by the Singer Dramatic Society, arranged by Bro. Peter Taylor ; and a production of "Rob Roy" by the Glasgow Choral and Dramatic Society was given in the City Hall. In this production the following brethren of the Lodge were cast as : &nbspFrancis Osbaldistone - - - W.R. STARK &nbspDugal Cratur - - - - - - - - D.L. GRANT &nbspCaptain Thornton - - - - JAMES PURVES The combined receipts from theses functions gave the building fund a good start. To end this initial period may we state that, although everyone was doing the utmost possible for the new Lodge, it would be more than human not to expect at times there would be little set-backs. The following minute is an illustration : / "No meeting of Lodge Riddrie, No. 1340, was held on 28th September, 1927, owing to the fact that the Charter could not be produced as the key to the safe in which it was lodged had been mislaid. The Lodge was not constituted and provincial Grand Lodge was notified."/ * * * * * * * * * * 1