( R.W.M. 1935 - 1936 )

To business we love, we rise betime
And go to it with delight.
(“ Antony and Cleopatra ” -- Shakespeare)

Bro. Marshall was born and brought up in Glasgow, seeing the light first on 9th March, 1883. In 1896 he entered the service of Messers. R. & J. Dick, and is still in their employment --- which fact speaks for his stediness and ability. During the 1914-18 war Bro. Marshall was a driver in the motor Transport section of the R.A.S.C.

     His Mother Lodge is Rutherglen St. John, No. 347- A Founder member of Lodge Riddrie, Bro Marshall was first installed in the office in the year 1926 as Standard Bearer. Thereafter, he held offices of Director of Cerimonies, Inner Guard, Junior Chaplain, Junior Deacon, Senior Deacon, Junior Warden, Senior Warden and Substitute Master.

     Bro. Marshall was installed as MAster on 27th November, 1935, his installing Masters being Bros. Alex McCracken, P.M., 1282, and D.M. Kerr, P.M., 1340.

     Eighteen meetings were held during the year, at which 9 members were initiated. Deputations were received into the Lodge from Lodges Alexandra, No. 1282, and Steps, No. 1213.

     We lost three valuable office-bearers during the year Our Senior Deacon, Bro, T.W. Geggie, and our Architect, Bro. M.M. Charteris, leaving the district, and our Standard Bearer, Bro. T.D. Kettle, going abroad.

     The debt on the hall was reduced bt a further £100-- £50 from the Benevolent Fund and £50 from the Halls Fund. As in the former instance the interest paid to the Benevolent Fund for this money was at a rate of 3 per cent per annum.

     The Master, at the first meeting of 1936, made sympathetic reference to the loss the Nation and Empire had sustained through the death of King George V.

     One of our founder members, Bro. J.S. Duncan, died in South Africa

     A photograph was taken of the first nine Maters of the Lodge, and Bro. James Purves presented the Brethren with a framed copy for the adornment of the adjacent.

      Asthe dias was found to be insufficient for the work of concert parties, a portable sectional extension platform was purchased and hanselled by the Bohemians' Concert Party, under the direction of Bro. G.G. Pirie. The show they gave was for our funds, and realised over £9-

     P.G.L. Visitation was headed bt Bro. W. Stevenson Cochran, No 1 on the list of Lodge Riddrie founders. In his address to the brethren Bro. Cochran stated that it was not numbers, but men of character and ability, that were wanted as recruits to the craft. He pointed out that we would be in order to give a donation to the Hospitals Fund from our Benevolent Fund, instead of the General Fund, as ahd been our practise.

     Lodge Scoon and Perth sent an invitation to twenty-five of our members to visit their new Temple and to see the working of a Third Degree

     The Visitation took place on the 19th February, 1936, and we made no apologies for extracting the following from the Minute Book of Lodge Riddrie :

                          " The Master made a report on the very great pleasure he had in heading a
                          deputation of wenty-four office-bearers to visit Lodge Scoon and Perth,
                          No.3. He spoke at length on the great warmth of welcome the deputation
                          received, also on the solemnity which was witnessed in the working of
                          the Lodge. The new Temple was inspected and greatly appreciated bt all.
                          A delightful harmony followed and the hospitality extended left nothing
                          to be desired. The deputation returned home in the early hours of the
                          following morning, tired but happy."

     A hundred and twenty-eight invitations were issued to children of members for the annual party. Eight were ill and unable to attend. They were not forgotten however, all being called upon witha gift from the Lodge. The children were given a cinematograph entertainment by Mrs. Charles Law, and for the rest of the afternoon were diverted by Bro. George Pirie and his assistants ; Bro. A.T. Bond presiding at the pianoforte.

     Bro. MArshall is a keen golfer, being a member of the Alexandra Club, Lethamhill, and would have liked to win the Lodge Championship during his year in the chair. Success did not come his way, but "It's no loss what a frien' gets". The trophy was won by his old frien and installing MAster, Bro, Alex McCracken. The Dick Cup was won at Troon by Bro. W.R. Stark Bro. D.M. Kerr was elected Captain of Crow Wood Golf Club, an honour of which he was well worthy.

     Whist drives, run by Bro. David Doig, and dances, under Master of Ceremonies, Bro. L.H. Campbell, were a confirmed success. The dancers were so keen that their season did not finish till June, when they closed the season with a "flannel dance".