(R.W.M. - 1933 1934)

We may call in black diamonds. Every
Basket is power and civilisation.
(“ Conduct of life (Wealth)” ––Emerson )

Bro. ROBERT SHIELDS was installed as master on 22nd November, 1933 ; his Installing Masters being Bros. James Purves and James Fraser, J.P., Past Masters of Lodge Riddrie.

Bro. Shields was a founder member of the Lodge, his Mother Lodge being St. Kentigern, No. 976. He was first installed into office as Junior Deacon ––then occupied the Warden’s Chairs and was Substitute Master before attaining the Chair.

Eighteen meetings were held during the year, at which 12 members were initiated and 1 affiliated. Owning to a severe illness, Bro. Shields was confined to the house for about six weeks, and was only able to preside at sixteen of these meetings. During his absence the Lodge was in the capable hands of I.P. Master, Bro. David M. Kerr.

Certain of our Masonic years are already remembered by some outstanding event which took place --as 1930 –– the year our Temple was consecrated. If this year is to remembered in that way it will certainly go down as the year of Visitations. We received deputations from Lodges Shettleston St. John, No. 128, headed by the Master, Bro. Sam Cunningham, when a First Degree was worked by Bro. Angus Watson, P.M. ; Neptune Kilwinning Saltcoats, No. 442, headed by the Master, Bro. Batters by ; Western, No. 1346, headed by Past Master, Bro. Morris ; St. Kentigern, No. 976, headed by the Master Bro. Hugh Fulton ; Scotia, No. 128, headed by the Master, Bro. McNaught, when the Ceremony of the Mark was carried through by Bro. J. Brownlie, P.M., and office bearers of Lodge Scotia ; Pollockshaws, Royal Arch, No. 153, and from Lodge Stepps, No. 1213, under the Master Bro. James Auld.

We visited Lodge Stepps on two occasions. On the first Bros. James Purves and James Fraser, J.P. were the Installing Masters ; and on the second during Bro. Shields illness, under Bro. D. M. Kerr, when a Third Degree was worked by Bro. James Purves, assisted by Bros. Kerr and Campbell. We visited Lodge Shettleston St. John, No. 128, when the Second Degree was worked by Bros. G.S. Dick and D. M. Kerr ; also visits were paid Lodge The Gael, No. 609 and Neptune Kilwinning, Saltcoats, No. 442.
We had been without a Senior Chaplain for some time, and our Annual Divine Service had not taken place, but with Bro. Robert Morris, M. A., being installed in this office, we were once again able to meet for worship in a body at St. Enoch’s Hogganfield Parish Church.

P.G.L. Visitation was under Bro. J. S. M. Grieve, S.P.G.M., who expressed satisfaction with the way in which the Lodge was being conducted and who made the suggestion that all lapsed brethren should be visited.
We lost three founder members through death, viz : Bros. Harry Steele. John Purvis and E. Meill.

The old pianoforte we were using, having been purchased second-hand and having seen better days, it was decided to replace it. An up-to-date instruments in a case suitable to the rest of the Lodge furniture was purchased, and was appreciated very much by both accompanists and  accompanied.

A Corporation Bond for £100 belonging to the Benevolent Fund matured, and was not re-invested, but was applied to help to clear off the Halifax Loan. The Benevolent Fund received interest from the halls at 3 per cent. Per annum for this loan.
To enable the brethren to own the halls absolutely as soon as possible, money-making lets were arranged with outside bodies for whist drives, dances, meetings, etc… During the interval at these functions it became evident that persons standing in the passage were doodling with their heels and a line of holes on the plaster gave the place a broken-down appearance, so the walls of the passage were panelled with masonite ; thereafter the heel kickers were unable to do any damage.

On the social side of the Lodge we had, by the kind permission of the Chief Constable of Glasgow, on the 25th January, a Burns Concert by the Police Concert Party. The sum of six guineas was thereby added to our Halls Fund.
Twenty-three whist drives were held under the direction of Bro. David Doig, and seven dances the M.C. being Bro. L. H. Campbell, assisted by Bro. T. W. Geggie.

This was one of our big sports years. Bros. James D. Fraser and Alex. B. Findlay won the Hagart Speirs Golf Trophy. To win this trophy twice in seven attempts, firstly with one of our small handicap pairs and then a pair from the other end of the handicap list, was a great honour for the Lodge. In due course Bros. Fraser and Findlay were congratulated on their feat and they presented the Lodge with the photograph of themselves with the trophy. This photo balances that of Bros. Gray and Law and hangs in the hall passage.

The Lodge Championship Golf Cup was won by Bro. W. Steele after a hard tussle in the final with Bro. George C. Blackadder. The Dick Cup was won at the Spring Outing to Troon