( R.W.M. - 1940 - 1941 )

Better put a strong fence round the top of the
Cliff than an ambulance down the valley.

Bro. THOMAS MUNRO was born in Glasgow on 3rd February, 1901. He was educated at Golfhiill and Whitehill Schools, and is by profession an insurance official.

He was first installed as P.G. Steward in 1930. Out of office until 1934, he was then installed as Marshall. Thereafter he occupied the offices of  Junior Chaplain, Senior Deacon, Junior Warden, Senior Warden and Substitute Master.

Bro. Munro was installed on 27th November, 1940, his Installing Masters being Bros. James Purves, P.P.G.S.W., and James Fraser, J.P., Past Masters of Lodge Riddrie.

On 7th December the hall was commandeered by E. Flight, 945 Squadron, R.A.F., who allowed us entry to hold our Regular Meetings.

Fourteen Meetings were held during the year, at which 17 intrants were received into the Lodge.

We visited Lodge Old Monkland, when Bro. James Purves worked a Third Degree ; and Lodge Scoon and Perth, No. 3, to witness the installation as Master of Bro. Wm. Murray. Later in the year we had a visit from Bro. Murray, who presented us with a facsimile of Lodge Scoon and Perth’s Mutual Agreement.
Bro. Murray was warmly thanked for his copy of Lodge Scoon and Perth’s most cherished possession
Death claimed our oldest member, Bro. Alex Thom, and through an unfortunate accident we lost Bro. John Scott, who was killed whilst cycling home from the River Endrick where he had been fishing. Although  Bro. Scott had not occupied office he had been a splendid worker in the Lodge and is sadly missed.`

The Immediate Past P.G. Master, Bro. Sir Alex B. Swan, passed away, and with him seemed to vanish all hope of a new home for P.G. Lodge in Glasgow.

Through his eldest son being home on leave, Bro. Duncan M. Young was able for the first time to sit in the Lodge with his five sons. It was thought that this was an unique occurrence and worth recording.

P.G.L. Visitation took place on 12th March, and was headed by Bro. James Murray, P.G.M. Depute, who congratulated Bro. Wm Steele on receiving a perfect minute and also on success of the Lodge under his Mastership. In an interesting address Bro. Murray touched on all the activates of P/G. lodge, but laid special stress on the work carried out by the committee of the Masonic War Hospitals Fund. He stated it was the desire of the P.G. Master that the Daughter Lodges support this fund to the limit of their resources.

Bro. James Purves was congratulated upon being appointed Chairman of P.G. Committee.

The good news was announced that Bro. A. M. Campbell, whose ship had been sunk in 1940, and who had been prisoner in enemy hands, was now reported safe and well in Africa.

Bro. Robert Dickie, a founder member of the Lodge and a Past Master of Saltcoats Lodge, presented Lodge Riddrie with a Mallet made of oak taken from the original building of the Mother Lodge, Kilwinning, No. 0.
The Master thanked Bro. Dickie for his gift, which expressed to us the kindly interest he has always had for Lodge Riddrie, although now resident in Saltcoats.

As air raids were becoming more common it was decided that in the event of an air raid alarm during a meeting all brethren on Civil Defence be allowed retire immediately, and that the closing of the Lodge be left to the Masters discretion.

Bro. James Purves, with the help of Mrs. Purves, organised a whist drive and dance, which was held in St. Enoch’s Hogganfield  Church Hall, profit from the function going to the Masonic War Hospitals Fund.

Although Bulgaria had joined the Axis and the Germans had invaded Greece, Yugoslavia and Russia. A more confident feeling came about through the arrival of Rudolf Hess in Scotland. It was felt that all could not be well with the Axis if the leaders were beginning to “rat.”